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There are some important components of digital strategy we take into consideration. Some businesses have comprehensive digital strategies and may not require going through another round of strategy sessions. From our intro call, we will ask a couple of questions that will help up determine any possible gaps and requirements.

Strategy sessions collectively last about 4-6 hours and are generally split between two sessions. Based on certain factors such as business size and project complexity, a full digital strategy could take 4-8 weeks to develop.

For all digital development projects, we strongly recommend having a digital strategy. 

Branding or rebranding projects usually take 4 – 8 weeks but may vary depending on the project’s complexity.

A logo alone is not enough for us to take on a website development project. Elements such as a digital strategy and a brand guide are a few of our requirements for developing a website meant to make an impact.

A brand uniquely identifies your business. A consistent brand across all customer touchpoints builds trust and loyalty with customers. A good brand is also easily remembered.

Website projects can last between 4 – 8 weeks. However, Developing UI/UX designs could take additional 4 weeks. Some complex projects could take longer.

Migration time depends on the amount of data to be transferred. Also, The types of transfer platforms can significantly determine how long migration might take.

A digital strategy gives you a comprehensive blueprint of your ideal customers, the platforms they use, and how you can effectively engage with them. It guides your business to avoid making decisions out of emotions and personal preferences and will give your entire business clear goals for you and your team to follow. A digital strategy creates focus among teams and allows you to measure productivity and it helps you scale your business quickly.

Our websites are built on secure platforms that protect your data and your visitors. Our websites are also built with safe and secure code that makes it difficult for hackers and unwanted guests to breach.

Our website development projects usually cost between ¢12,000 ($2,000) and ¢95,000 ($15,000). The digital strategy session will help us determine the features, project timelines and in general, the scope of the project. This will give us a better understanding of how to price the project.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is optimising your website so customers can find you when they search for you online. A properly optimised website is relevant to a visitor and will normally rank higher in search results bringing more traffic to your website.

Absolutely! Every website needs to be optimised for search on a very basic level. However, additional SEO techniques are required to further improve your content and search rankings.

SEO may take up to 3 – 6 months to start yielding results. However, to stay on top of the search, you need to be consistent with improving your content and making it relevant always to your visitors.

Social media platforms present a huge opportunity to reach larger audiences. Most of these platforms have specialised tools to help you target specific groups of people that may have some interest in your products or services.

Your digital strategy will help you determine your customer persona and what platforms your ideal customer spends most of their time on. This platform may be Facebook, LinkedIn, or even TikTok. With this information, you are well informed on what type of content to post, when to post and what platforms to post on.

You can start to see benefits immediately with paid ads. However, some campaigns take time to ramp up performance. The available budgets will usually determine whether the campaign is successful or not. Regardless, it is advised to scale best performing campaigns gradually.

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