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Atunwa Digital is a media representation firm that enables the growth of African audio and video content producers/owners across the global diaspora by providing additional revenue streams through the audio, video, and display technology solutions it offers. Atunwa has a network of over 60 stations that reach African diaspora audiences living in over 135 countries.

To reposition its digital presence and improve the effectiveness of its website as a tool for brand building, client engagement and marketing, Atunwa aims to develop a new, best-in-class website that significantly captures both its essence and impact.

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The project to develop a new, best-in-class website for Atunwa Digital has helped both the company and its customers. The new website has repositioned Atunwa’s digital presence, making it a more effective tool for brand building, client engagement, and marketing. This has helped Atunwa to better showcase its products and services, and to reach a wider audience of potential customers.

For Atunwa’s customers, the new website has provided a more user-friendly and engaging experience, with easy access to information about the company’s offerings, as well as additional resources such as blog posts and industry news. The website has also helped customers to better understand the value that Atunwa provides, including additional revenue streams through audio, video, and display technology solutions.

Atunwa Digital

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