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 If you’re ready to grow your Instagram account organically with these 5 steps.

Many brands’ social media presences have become centered on Instagram, which drives profitable traffic to landing pages, increases conversions, and builds an engaged audience. Slow and steady wins the race on Instagram, allowing you to cultivate an authentic and engaged audience that is more likely to connect with your brand and convert.


1. Know your audience

Understanding your audience is a fundamental step to taking advantage of Instagram. When it comes to posting content on Instagram, you want to think about your target audience first. Figure out what your followers want and need, what’s important to them, and how you can engage them. Keep in mind that Instagram isn’t simply a place to capture imagery of what you eat, but also a place to connect and build relationships with your followers. You can build your audience with posts. While you’re learning about your audience, your next step is figuring out what posts will resonate with them. These can range from sharing photography, posts about your industry, niche info, and more.

2. Build your feed to help Grow your Instagram Account.

There’s a handful of different ways to build your feed. You can start by engaging with your audience by responding to comments, liking photos, and following your audience as a whole. You can also follow hashtags on Instagram, and allow hashtags to show up in your feed. To do this, simply follow the hashtag that corresponds with your brand. Be sure to follow as many accounts as you can that have posted photos within that hashtag, so you can see other posts from your followers that you might like. Once you’ve found a new hashtag to follow, wait a day or two before you follow a new user, as Instagram will show you their photos first. Once you follow a user, you’ll be taken to their profile to view their recent posts.

3. Grow your Instagram Account with consistency

Consistency is key when it comes to developing an Instagram audience and promoting your content. If you upload the same thing over and over again, you’re going to run into the problem that your audience is getting bored with it. It’s better to post once a day or every two days, even if it’s to a different audience.

Every Instagram user is inundated with content from everyone else in the same space. This means that the average Instagram user is much more likely to engage with your post when it’s consistent in subject matter and theme. You can do this in a number of ways. Create an active community. It’s easier to maintain a community of engaged Instagram users than it is to keep up with all the activity on other platforms, like Facebook. When users join an active community, they see it as an endorsement of the content that you’re creating. This leads to increased interactions and a more loyal following. Focus on visual communication. Instagram’s focus on visual communication and visual storytelling is particularly compelling for marketers and businesses.This can also help  grow your Instagram account organically. 

4. Be more interesting

It’s cliché to say “Everyone is on Instagram,” but it’s especially true today, as there are well over 500 million monthly active users and a growing number of businesses on Instagram. More than 20% of Instagram users follow more than 50 brands in an effort to stay current on content. Moreover, for each ad follower you gain, you also gain a chance to establish a higher level of trust with those who follow you. If you want to rise to the top of your competitors, add a depth of personal interest to your posts. If you sell barbecue sauce, people will naturally follow your account for recipes, but you can build up more engagement by posting relevant photos of your kitchen and equipment, or posts that bring you closer to your clients.

5. Take advantage of photo editing apps

Here is another way to grow your Instagram account organically.Most people simply take hundreds of photos on a daily basis. Take advantage of the fact that there’s an abundance of photo editing apps that allow you to easily enhance, crop, and brighten photos, allowing you to create the perfect image to improve your Instagram account. Pro-tip: Try to remember what you actually wanted to share when you take pictures. In many cases, a photo doesn’t need to look so perfect. Over editing can on the other hand give an unauthentic vibe. 


Boost your organic Instagram reach by applying these proven techniques and incorporating them into your creative strategy. With a little creativity and work, you’ll be able to boost your organic followers, drive more conversions, and increase brand awareness for your business. Interested in knowing more? Check out our blog!

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